Saturday, April 9, 2011

Investing in a Bedroom

A home is a man’s castle and the bedroom is said to be where many historic decisions are made more than anywhere else.  That may be true as the bedroom provides the last oasis of a man to relax at the end of the day and the quality of the room molds the quality of his decisions after a good night’s rest.  And for most people on the planet, the bedroom is also where they were made, literally.  It is no wonder then that of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom often eats up the most in any budget for constructing a home. 
No matter what size the bedroom is, it is the quality of bedroom sets and furnishing that create the ambiance responsible for its inviting appeal at the end of the day. Among professional interior design decorators, the advice is one - never scrimp on your bedroom.
An investment, not an expense
At the heart of the modern bedroom is your bedroom set consisting of the bed and associated furniture like night stands on either side of the bed and a chest at the foot, along with wardrobe bureaus, drawers and armoires, and dressers.  If you are in the market for furnishing your home, consider your bedroom as an investment that can become an heirloom for your kids and will only grow in value over time as an antique when properly taken cared of.
Once you’ve made your decision on the design motif for your bedroom, obtaining the best bedroom furnishings start with getting only those crafted with the best woods.  You can go for Chinese and European antiques of the last 100 years and you can be sure your bedroom furniture investment will continue to appreciate. 
The main attribute of a good set of bedroom furniture is the quality of the wood they are made of and the craftsmanship that went in their construction.  Solid oak wood in beds are the preferred hardwoods for a timeless bedroom set.  And going for fine names in furniture like Broyhill and Legacy is often your guarantee they will last.
Some of the better crafted beds can range in price from $3,000 to $4,000 with antiques costing twice or more.  There are also bedroom sets that already include side night stands, armoires and dressers as part of a bedroom showcase. They are often priced as discounted bedroom furniture.  Just make sure they are made of fine hardwoods like Oak wood. And if you wait a little longer, some of the slow moving and expensive furniture stocks get significant discounts.

The Importance Of Bedroom Furniture For People’s Well-being

Furniture plays an extraordinary role in making any room in the house look good and comfortable, and bedroom is not an exception. Without good quality furniture items, it is almost impossible to imagine a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen. Modern furniture market offers a great variety of furniture options in different price ranges, colors and styles and your only limitation on the way of creating a perfect bedroom is the amount of money you can afford to spend on a bedroom set.

People choose their bedroom furniture based on certain things like color, quality, style, size, etc. If you will take your time and decide on what you actually want before going to the furniture store, you will be able to choose the right bedroom set within a short period of time. On contrary, if you will not come to any conclusion on what you would like to buy, you might spend hours on searing for the right furniture and will end up either buying not what you expected to buy or nothing at all.

Color makes furniture more attractive and appealing. Color can say a lot about your personality, your age, preferences and lifestyle. Cool bedroom furniture colors like grey, pink, white and light shades of green and blue will make your bedroom look brighter and larger. On the other hand, such colors like red, violet, orange or purple will make it more exclusive and extraordinary, but at the same time cold and dull.

Bedroom furniture size is also very important, because if all items will fit into the bedroom, they will provide necessary elegance and comfort. It would be wise to measure the dimensions of you bedroom prior to going furniture shopping. This way you will not buy unnecessary items that might not fit into your bedroom. One of the most important elements of any bedroom is bed. These days, beds come in four standard sizes like twin, double, queen and king size, so you should make your choice based on the amount of space you have.

Craftsmanship and quality is what you should always look for when choosing bedroom furniture. It goes without saying that you will get what you have paid for, so instead of going to a designer furniture store, you can look for discounted bedroom furniture that will fit your budget and at the same will provide necessary comfort, style, reliability and elegance for your money.

Getting Started Remodeling the Bedroom

If you are setting your sights to redecorating your bedroom, it’s important to approach the job as a project management endeavor which is simply a set of common sense steps that assure you of getting the job done with the resources and budget you have within your target time frame.  The key is planning and knowing exactly what you want and where to get your bedroom sets.
Know your Priorities
If it’s a total remodeling job, unless you’re a seasoned civil engineer, architect or carpenter yourself, it’s best to get it done by professional hands.  It may cost, but you have a better change of getting what you want.   Otherwise, if it’s just a matter of replacing some bedroom furniture here and there, or changing the artworks and drapes, or both, then you can do it yourself as a homeowner.
Another area to consider is your taste in furniture and the look you want to achieve.  Will you be going for antique or modern furniture?  Will you need to get the overall look in synch with the rest of the house or can it stand on its own? 
Set your Budget
This is often the first concrete decision you have to make. How much are you willing to spend to remodel the bedroom?  You may already have some idea based on past experiences but if your knowledge is  already a few years old, inflation may behoove you to do more research.  How much does that new bed you saw at the mall cost?  Carpeting?  Drapes?  You can set aside a preliminary budget figure for starters.
Do Some Window Shopping
Internet commerce has made window shopping increasingly easy right in the comfort of your hope.  Simply do a little Google search about what pieces of bedroom sets your want and you can peruse the countless return pages online.  Many of these sites already price their furniture and there are special discounted bedroom furniture you should consider if you are on a tight budget. Then do your comparing.  You won’t be comparing apples to apples as each furniture store will carry its own distinct line of bedroom sets different from what others have. Just compare the price of beds with beds, or dressers with dressers within the styles you want.
Simulate the Furniture Arrangement
With powerful application programs for the PC that can simulate the look of homes and rooms, it’s always a good idea to have a fairly good grasp of what you want to happen with your investment for your remodeled room. 

Get a Modern, Unified Look in Your Bedroom

Clutter is one of the most dismaying things you can do to your home.  Not only does it create a visual disorder, it creates difficulties for finding the things you need in the shortest time since you will need to dig through the mess.  To a visitor, a cluttered home also makes a strong statement revealing a disorganized mind. 
But clutter can also be visually distressing despite having things neatly arranged and clean.  Clutter happens when you have a room with d├ęcor items and color schemes that clash in utter disharmony, or when furniture pieces are mismatched in design styling and colors that create a dis-unified totality. Anyone who’s been to a flea market, despite having their wares organized, would know what that kind of clutter means.
Does your bedroom come with a pale yellow birch bed and nightstand opposite to a reddish walnut dresser and a dark chocolate mahogany dresser? Or an ornately gilded armoires beside a minimalist modern dresser?  If that’s what your bedroom contains, you are looking at cluttered styling. It’s time to rethink your bedroom interiors and invest on a unified bedroom set.
A Unified Look
If you’ve visited bedroom showcases in large furniture boutique shops in malls, you know what it means to have a unified interior.  It’s precisely in such a setting where furniture accents work best because they can stand out from the crowd.  In contrast, in a cluttered look, no amount of accents will work because each furniture is so different they all standout to compete for your attention.  Hence, the clutter.
Bedroom sets, kitchen sets, garden sets, and just about any part of the room have showroom furniture sets for sale that create seamless harmony meant to heighten the dwelling experience.  In a bedroom set, you get matching furniture styling, baroque, Victorian, colonial, Oriental or modern.  You get a common wood grain tonality since they’re all made of the same hardwood species.  You get consistent texture finish and when accenting with a bright art work, sculpture, throw pillow or rocking chair, they stand out without jarring the senses.
Tranquility in Harmony
At the end of the day, to risk sounding trite, retiring to your home and the solace of your bedroom is all about getting the peace of mind and the tranquility that you pine for.  And you can’t get that when your eyes are instantly met with a jarring clutter of clashing furniture types.  Investing on a harmonious bedroom set is your investment in tranquility – your peace of mind.

Eco-designing Your Bedroom

With the emerging trend in environment consciousness, home furniture has become one area where eco-design has found practical approach.  It is a fact that the demand for wood based products is soaring together with a growing population.  But the density of trees that support such products have not kept pace so that you now more denuded and balding forests than before.  If you are a homeowner on the market for bedroom sets for a warm and cozy wood rich bedroom but are concerned about the ecological destruction of trees, then it pays to consider only eco-designed furniture.
Going Second Hand
Some of the most robust furniture sets are beds.  Antique Chinese, colonial and Victorians beds crafted using hardwoods dating back 50-100 years back are often easy to spot and are carried by noted antique furniture dealers but they can cost a fortune.  But even 5-10 year old second hand furnishings crafted well are excellent choices for discounted bedroom furniture that can deliver value for the money.  If they lasted for so long, you can expect them to last as much in their new abodes. Hardwood furniture are known to last a lifetime that eventually become heirloom items and antiques.  Moreover, you can be sure that no new trees have been felled to produce them which means you have done your share in conserving mother earth’s dwindling forest reserves.
Going for Sustainable Wood
While natural forests are increasingly getting protected around the planet, there are sustainable tree plantations that have been earmarked for commercial logging with hardwood and softwood variants that continuously get replanted every year over the last 25-30 years and harvested for their timber.  Most are teakwood and pines and furniture or wood products made from them often carry a government seal or mark of approval as ecology-friendly products. 
As of 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council of FSC has been on the forefront of developing sustainable forest development projects and one of its programs is to identify wood products that have been sourced only from programs.  So if you buy your bedroom sets made of wood marked with the FSC certifying seal, that means, no natural or residual forests have been logged for your wood furniture.
Going for Recycled Wood
The concerned homeowner can also go for cheaper furniture made of recycled or reclaimed wood. These are your furniture that use veneered plywood or particle boards and are also stamped as eco-friendly products with the “SmartWood Rediscovered” label from the Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood program.